“In Memoriam”

by Daniel Murri

       The painting “In Memoriam” was originally created shortly after September 11, 2001, to communicate in a symbolic manner the tragic events and the feelings experienced by the nation at that time.  After being inspired by the many flags waving in local neighborhoods, I made an effort to convey the tragedy and significance of the situation by transposing a representation of the fallen Twin Towers onto the fabric of our Nation, the American Flag.  I hoped to honor the victims and convey a sense of the loss we all experienced.

       One year later, the painting was awarded “The Most Patriotic Award” at America’s Freedom Festival Art Exhibition, in Provo, UT.  Since then, the image has proved meaningful to others and continued to receive a favorable response as viewers have connected with it in personal and unique ways.  Some of the personal interpretations have included: our Nation’s resilience and recovery in a time of great loss; the threat of our freedom being erased; and the blood that has been sacrificed.  Through individual connection and interpretation, the image has come to represent many situations of loss and recovery, which have occurred throughout history.

It is my hope that through honor and remembrance this image will be a lasting memoriam to all victims and their families, additionally inspiring all those who view it to always remember.